Reports for Completed Requests by Day and Hour

Heatmap report

Two new reports are available from the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics module: ‘Completed Requests by Hour’ and ‘Completed Requests by Day and Hour’.  These reports can give insight to management whether the actual work hours correspond to the agreed schedule, and how many requests are solved outside the regular service window, for example.

Completed requests by hour report

The ‘Completed Requests by Day and Hour’ is a heatmap report, a report graph type introduced with the similar ‘Registered Requests by Day and Hour’ report last year.  It serves to identify hot spots within large data sets.

Completed requests by day and hour report

In these report types it is possible to drill down into the central heatmap data points (in blue) or the totals (in green) at the bottom and right side of the graph.