Request Generation From Broadcasts


Whenever a major incident happens that affects multiple users, it is possible in 4me to create a broadcast that is sent to specific groups of users to inform them about the unavailability or degradation of a service or service instance.  In such cases, multiple requests with the category incident are likely created, and grouped into a request group.  End users can now subscribe to a request group directly from a broadcast in 4me Self Service.  This ensures that they are notified when the major incident has been resolved.

For this, the Request group field has been added to the Broadcast form.  It is available when any of the first three groups of people is selected in the Visible for field:

Broadcast request group

This broadcast in 4me Self Service now comes with a button I’m Also Affected, which, if clicked, asks the end user to confirm if he or she also wants to register a request for this issue.  After clicking the Submit button, the request is generated and automatically linked to the request group.

Broadcast outage self service also affected

When the status of the request group is set to ‘Completed’, the End field of the broadcast is automatically set to the current date and time, so the broadcast ends as well.