Request Group Visibility Enhancements

Request GroupA couple of improvements have been made to the logic that determines who can see request groups and what they are allowed to see in these request groups.  4me already allowed the requester and support specialists to continue to add notes to a request after it was added to a request group.  When they add a note to a grouped request, this note now also shows up in the Notes section of the group.  This keeps the information neatly in one place for the specialist.

To ensure that it is clear that the note originated from one of the grouped requests, its source is specified at the top of the note when it is presented in the Notes section of the group.

Request group with note from grouped request

Unlike the notes that are added to the group directly, the notes that originated from a grouped request do not get copied to the other requests that are part of the group.  This ensures that the requesters of the group’s other requests do not get to see them.

The following visibility considerations are important to be aware of when it comes to request groups:

  • All specialists who have access to a grouped request also have access to the group.  This allows these specialists to add additional requests to the group as needed.
  • In the ‘Grouped Requests’ section of a group, specialists can see only the requests that they have access to.
  • A note that was added to a request that is part of a group is only visible in the group for specialists who have access to the request from which the note originated.