Requests Assigned to Our Providers

RequestA new requests view has become available in the Records console.  This view makes it easy for support organizations to look up all requests that were passed to external providers.  The name of the view is ‘Requests Assigned to Our Providers’.

Requests Assigned to Our Providers view

There are two buttons at the top of this view.  The Open button is pressed by default so that the requests that have not yet been completed are immediately visible.  By pressing the Completed button, the requests that have already been completed are presented.

The query for this view is rather complex, but essentially this reports includes:

  • the requests that have an affected SLA of another 4me account where the support organization of the person who is looking at the view is the customer of the SLA, plus
  • the requests which Supplier field is set to an external organization that is registered in the account of the support organization.