Requests My Team Is Accountable For

RequestA new view has been added to the Records console for requests. This new view is called ‘Requests My Team Is Accountable For’.

Requests my team is accountable for viewWhen specialists open this view, they will see all the requests that their teams can be held accountable for. The requests that are listed in this new view are all linked to an affected SLA which template team, first line team or support team is a team that the specialist is a member of.
The reason why this view is useful is that, as soon as a team has passed a request on to another team by applying a child service instance to the request, this team no longer sees the request in its inbox. The request is still visible in the ‘All Requests’ view, but because it is now assigned to a different team, it is not clear which of all those requests the team is still being held accountable for. Yet their affected SLA is still linked to the request and its clock is still ticking. The customer of this SLA will still hold the team accountable for meeting the resolution target for this request.
Even if the customer’s SLA does not dictate a resolution target (i.e. when the resolution target is ‘Best Effort’), the customer still expects the request to be completed at some point. Now all specialists can see the requests for which their teams can be held accountable in the ‘Requests My Team Is Accountable For’ view, even when those requests are no longer assigned to their team.
This new view is useful also for service desk analysts. When they open it in one of the accounts for which they provide first line support, they see a list of all requests that a team of the selected account is accountable for. After all, the service desk team of this account has a support responsibility for all services of the account.