Requests Registered by Service Desk

Verticle bar chartAnother interesting report has been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Settings console. This new report is called ‘Requests Registered by Service Desk’.

Requests Registered by Service Desk
Even though this report does not look terribly exciting, it is actually relatively complex. A request is included in this report only when:

  • its account is the account that the user has selected in the Account Switcher, and
  • the person selected in the Requested by field is different from the person who created the request, and
  • it was created by a person who, at the time the request was registered, was a member of the service desk team that was selected in the first line support agreement (FLSA) that covers the account selected in the Account Switcher.

These rules ensure that the requests that a service desk analyst registers for him/herself are excluded. In addition, they ensure that the report does not change when a service desk analyst moves to another team, or when a specialist transfers from a support team to the service desk team.