Reservation Instructions


With the Reservations capability, 4me has made it possible for organizations to allow their people to reserve certain configuration items for a period of time. Sometimes, though, the people making these reservations need some extra guidance when making a reservation. This is now made easier, by allowing the organization to add instructions to the reservation form.

The Instructions field has now been added to the Reservation Offerings form. In a reservation offering, the configuration manager can specify the hours during which items can be reserved, what the minimum and maximum duration of a reservation is, which configuration items can be reserved, and more. This rich text Instructions field can contain formatted text, images, and video. It can be used to explain the reservation process of the organization, the use and conditions of the equipment, or any other instructions that the user might need.

Reservation instructions

When a user wants to make a reservation for equipment or an environment in 4me Self Service, these instructions are now visible to them above the reservation form.

Reservation instructions self- service