Reservation Usability Enhancements


Several improvements have been made to make it a little easier for people to work with reservations.  The first and most important improvement ensures that people who reserved an asset are now able to change the asset in their reservation.

This can be useful, for example, when a meeting room for four people was initially reserved, but later it became clear that more people were going to attend the meeting.  In such cases the person who made the reservation, as well as the person on whose behalf the reservation was made, are both able to update the reservation by selecting a larger meeting room.

To change the asset of a reservation, the requester opens the reservation request in 4me Self Service or the 4me App.  There, the Add to Calendar, Reschedule and Cancel Reservation buttons are now all located at the top of the ‘Reservation’ section of the request.

Reservation in self service with Reschedule button

By pressing the Reschedule button, or by clicking on the name of the asset, the user can now not only adjust the timing of the reservation by dragging it to the left of right, the user can also drag the reservation up or down to select a different asset.

Rescheduling a reservation allows different asset to be selected

What is also new is that the name of the reservation and the subject of the request that was submitted for the reservation are kept in sync.  And because they are now always the same, only the subject of the request is displayed.  This makes the interface a little cleaner and therefore easier to understand for both end users and support specialists.

Finally, the Description field that can be filled out when a reservation is made, can now be seen and edited by specialists.  This can be helpful because requesters may add information in this field that is important not just to them, but also for the specialists who, for example, prepare assets ahead of the start of a reservation.