Resource Planning for All Teams

Resource PlanningGradually more and more advanced functionality is being added to 4me for resource planning. It has recently become possible to plan changes and projects more precisely because managers are now able to specify the planned effort of tasks in minutes rather than hours. In addition, it has become possible for people working on projects to specify how much time they still expect to spend on their tasks.

Such enhancements have made the quality of the information that is used to generate the Resource Planning overview for each person and each team more valuable. This, in turn, has prompted customers to ask for more access to the Resource Planning overviews.

In the past, specialists were only allowed to see their personal ‘My Resource Planning’ view, plus the resource planning views for the teams that they were a member of. This limitation has now been relaxed so that specialists can see the resource planning views of all teams of the account in which they are working (i.e. the account that is selected in the Account Switcher).

Resource planning in 4me for a team