Resource Planning for Project Managers

Resource PlanningProject managers are now able to switch from a project’s Gantt Chart to the Resource Planning view. The Resource Planning view allows them to ensure that the members of the project team do not have too much project work assigned to them.

A box is presented for each day on which at least one project task is planned for a member of the project. It does not matter if the project task belongs to the project that the manager is reviewing; the view looks through all planned tasks of all projects.
A red box means that, on that day, there is too much project work assigned to the project member. The gray bar at the top of the box indicates how much project work has been assigned to the person. The dark gray portion of this bar is the percentage of planned project work that is part of the project that is currently being reviewed.
A project manager can update the assignees, the planned effort and/or the planned duration of a task to make sure that the project members do not need to work overtime. The short video below shows how this is done.