Resource Planning for Teams

TeamA start has been made with a new overview that shows the workload of all members of a team. The new view can be found in the ‘Resource Planning’ section of the Analytics console. There, users can see the planned change and project tasks for their teams.

Resource planning view for teams
To make this work, a person’s work hours are assumed to be from Monday through Friday, from 9am until 5pm. If their work hours are different, it is possible to select a calendar in the new Work hours field that has become available to administrators in the ‘Financial Details’ section of the Person form.
Financial details of person with work hours calendar selected
Unlike the Resource Planning view for project managers, these new views take into account not only the change tasks, but also the time entries that people have registered for upcoming events. For example, a specialist may have registered a time entry and linked it to the time allocation ‘Training’ to indicate that she will be out for training next week.