Restyled Single Sign-On Buttons


The buttons that allow users to select their preferred identity provider for accessing 4me have gotten a facelift.  Their improved styling presents each single sign-on (SSO) option as a button.  Each button now has the same width and includes a logo so that end users and support specialists will recognize their preferred option more quickly.

4me Sign In screen with SSO buttons

When the following code is included in the CSS injection field of the ‘Account Design’ section of the Settings console, only the SSO buttons will be visible:

.with-sso-options form,
.with-sso-options .separator,
.with-sso-options p { display: none; }

4me Sign In screen with only SSO buttons

This CSS code can give account designers some ideas on how to perfect the look of the Sign In screen of their organization’s 4me account.