Retrieve Audit Entries from a Specific Person

 In Integrations, New Feature

Audit TrailIt was already possible to use 4me’s REST API to look up the entire audit trail of a specific record. For example, the following CURL command shows how the audit trail of request 70403 can be retrieved from Widget Data Center’s 4me account (which account ID is wdc):

curl -u “api-token:x” “X-4me-Account:wdc” “”

Now it is possible to be a little more specific. If you only need the audit entries that were generated for the updates performed by a specific person, you can do this by adding  ?created_by=  to the URL, followed by the ID of this person’s record. That would look like this in a CURL example:

curl -u “api-token:x” “X-4me-Account:wdc” “”

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