Review Knowledge Articles Before Applying

KnowledgeIn the Service Desk console, the service desk analysts were already able to open a knowledge article from the list of search results in a separate browser tab. This is done by performing a Ctrl + Click on the subject of the knowledge article. It allows service desk analysts to review the description and instructions of a knowledge article before applying it to a new request. This is useful whenever a service desk analyst is not sure whether an article that is listed in the search results is really going to help the requester.

Now it is also possible to do this when a knowledge base search is initiated from the Note field of a request. After clicking on the ‘Apply Knowledge’ option (i.e. the little owl icon) and starting a search, a list of articles is suggested. By doing a Ctrl + Click (or Cmd + Click for Apple users) on one of these articles, it is opened in a separate browser tab for review.
To ensure that users are aware of this new feature, it is explained in a hint that shows up in the Search dialog before a knowledge base search is executed. The hint looks like this:
Knowledge article search hint ctrl click
While we were at it, two more hints were added to help users get comfortable with the finer points of 4me’s Knowledge Management functionality:
Knowledge article search hint language switching
Knowledge article search hint new warning