Rich Text Fields in Dashboards


Dashboards can be created by adding and organizing any of the reports from the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics Console. To allow for even more flexibility in designing a dashboard, it is now possible to add rich text fields to it. With a dashboard in edit mode, an Add Text button is now available, next to the Add Reports button.

Dashboard add text

After pressing the button, a ‘New Text Widget’ block is added at the bottom of the report. Its title can be adjusted and the Text field can be updated in the same way any other rich text field can be populated in 4me. This includes text formatting, images, tables, hyperlinks, and more.

New text widget

When combining this feature with the enhancement that makes it possible to add a dashboard to the Inbox homepage, which was released a few months ago, it is now possible to design the Inbox homepage in almost any way imaginable.

Inbox dashboard rich text