RightAnswers Knowledge in 4me

BroadcastOrganizations with advanced knowledge management requirements will be excited to hear that the most advanced cloud-based service management service now has a standard integration with RightAnswers, the most advanced cloud-based knowledge management service.

RightAnswers logoThe developers of RightAnswers have been working together with 4me’s developers to make it as easy as possible to integrate the two services. All that a 4me account administrator needs to do to activate the integration is to specify the URI of the organization’s RightAnswers environment and its AccessID so that 4me can access this environment.

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After the integration has been activated, RightAnswers will proactively propose knowledge to service desk analysts while they are registering new requests. As soon as a subject has been entered for the request, the Knowledge section opens to suggest relevant solutions.

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Once a service instance is related to the request, the list of proposed solutions gets updated. At this point, the list is limited to solutions for the service of the selected instance.

When there’s a matching knowledge article, its solution information can be copied to the request. This automatically closes the Knowledge section. The link to the complete article is included above the solution information.

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Making the advanced knowledge management capabilities of RightAnswers available within 4me can increase the efficiency of the service desk. And because the Knowledge section is available to all specialists after the integration has been established, the knowledge base will be more accessible for the entire support organization.