SaaS or Not Saas – Why You Should Care

CloudThe other day I came across a Forrester report with the intriguing title Beware Of The SaaS Trap (membership or payment required). It calls out the common practice of rebranding legacy software offerings as SaaS solutions.

The point Forrester is making is that SaaS in name only won’t deliver the same benefits and may end up costing you more.

Most market leaders in the ITSM, CRM and ERP space are simply hosting their old software and are now calling it a SaaS, cloud or on-demand solution. Their evangelism has helped create awareness, which is one of the reasons why SaaS is now commonly preferred over an on-premise installation. As a true SaaS vendor, this has made our life a little easier.

Do read Forrester’s report. It will tell you how you can figure out if the solution you are considering is the real deal. Being able to start quickly without customization, no upfront payments, enabling secure collaboration with other organizations, and always having the latest version are just some of the benefits that organizations can take advantage of when they avoid the misleading marketing rhetoric.