Save Sort Criteria in Personal Views

Sorting ascending

Since last year it is possible to define personal views in 4me.  From any of the standard views of the Inbox, Records and Setting consoles, and even from drilldown views of reports in the Analytics console, specialists can apply filters and save the view as a personal view.  Now, it is possible to also save a selected sort order in a personal view.

After choosing ‘Save as Personal View…’,  available when clicking the vertical ellipsis (the three small dots) in the upper right corner of the view, it becomes possible to choose a column to sort the results in ascending or descending order.  It is also possible to enter a search phrase to further filter the results.

For example, a specialist may be regularly interested in a view of the Request records, filtered by Status is ‘Assigned’, sorted by ‘Next target’ and showing only results that contain the phrase ‘parking’.

Personal view with sort

Whenever the specialist chooses this personal view, the results are shown including the selected filter, sort order and search phrase (not case sensitive).