Schedule and Email Dashboard Exports


Several of 4me’s customers have requested the possibility to schedule exports of dashboards and send these as a PDF file in an email to internal or external stakeholders.  It was, as a matter of fact, one of the highest prioritized enhancements during last month’s 4me Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting in Istanbul.  This feature has now been delivered by the development team.

From the Action button above any of the dashboards in the ‘Dashboards’ section in the Analytics console, a user can now select the newly added Schedule… option.

Schedule dashboard export action

This opens a form which allows the user the edit the name of the export and in which orientation it should be displayed.  The ‘Recurrence’ section of the form allows the user to flexibly define how often and when exactly these exports should be scheduled.  By choosing ‘No repeat’ in the Repeats field, the dashboard can be exported ad hoc.  In the ‘Email’ section, finally, it is possibly to define who should be the recipient(s) of the email with the dashboard’s PDF.  The subject and body of this email can be adjusted, as well.

Schedule dashboard export form

Once a dashboard export is scheduled, it may be adjusted in the ‘Exports’ section of the Settings console.  For security, each dashboard export is logged in the Export log, which can be find in the ‘System Logs’ section of the Settings console.