Search for FAQs and Standard Requests

SearchThe Search bar has been added to Self Service. End-users can use it to search through all the FAQs and standard requests that are available to them.

Search bar in Self Service
What makes this search capability special is that it takes into account the user’s language preference. If, for example, your organization supports both English and Spanish, and the user’s language preference is set to Spanish, then the user’s searches look through the Spanish translations of the FAQs and standard requests.

Each query also goes through the user’s requests. This may be of special importance to key contacts, who are now able to search through all the requests from their organization.

Search results in Self Service
For managers, the search results even include the approval tasks that have been assigned to them.

What ends up at the top of the search results depends. Requests are listed at the top if the search was executed from the My Requests tab or the All Requests tab. Similarly, approval tasks show up on top when the search was initiated from the My Approvals tab. In all other cases, the greatest relevance gets attributed to the request templates that make up the FAQs and standard requests.