Search for Services in Self Service

SearchNowadays, it is not uncommon for a large IT department to support more than a hundred services. Email is often cited as an example of a service, but each department of a modern enterprise seems to rely on a whole set of specialized application services. The finance department has its applications, but so does HR, the sales team and the people responsible for the manufacturing process. All these applications need to be hosted, supported and maintained.

The sheer number of services is a challenge for the IT department, but it can also be difficult for the end users to find the service for which they need to obtain support. This gets even harder for the end-users when they can request support not just for IT services, but also for the services provided by HR, facilities management and the legal department.

4me Self Service has the advantage that end users only see the services that are relevant for them (e.g. an end-user who works in marketing should not see the services used by the R&D department). Also, these services are nicely grouped by support domain and category. But in many cases, the user just knows that there is an issue with SAP or Salesforce CRM. In such cases, it would help if the user could simply search for ‘SAP’ or ‘CRM’ to find the service.

That is now possible. The scope of the Search functionality in 4me Self Service and 4me Mobile has been extended to ensure that it also looks for matches in the service names and service descriptions.

Search results
So when searching, end users not only see the request templates that match their search criteria; they also see the services that might be relevant. This provides another quick way to get help from the right specialists.