Search Icon Displayed in Search Select Fields

SearchA minor usability improvement has been released that makes it possible for users to recognize the purpose of a field more quickly.  Whenever another record can be looked up in a field, the search icon (the magnifying glass) is now visible inside the field.

Request with search icon in search select fields

This should avoid misunderstandings like the ones reported by a few organizations where specialists, who were new to 4me, would start to enter a problem description in the Problem field of a request.  Which is actually completely logical for people who have not gone through an ITIL training in which the relationship between incident and problem management was explained.

The search icon in the Problem field of a request should now make it clear that this field can be used to look up an existing problem in order to relate it to the request.  The search icon is displayed in the other search select fields as well so that their use is more intuitive.

While the development team was working on this improvement, they also slightly modernized the styling of the fields that are visible when a record is placed in Edit mode within the 4me Specialist Interface.