Search through UI Extensions

UI ExtensionMany customers have asked for this and now it is possible; organizations can add the texts entered in UI extension fields to 4me’s search indexes. By adding these values to the search indexes, any searches performed by people who are allowed to see the UI extension fields will go through its value.

With the Snippets feature it is easy to add a searchable field to a UI extension.
Snipped with searchable UI extension field
In the HTML code, it looks like this:
HTML with searchable UI extension field
By making a whole section searchable, all fields within this section become searchable. The only field types that cannot become searchable are checkboxes and date-time fields.
This new UI extension feature is fully integrated with 4me’s standard Search functionality. So when a searchable UI extension field of a request contains a value, only the people who have access to the request will be able to find it when they search for the value that was entered in this searchable UI extension field. And when they refine their search to look specifically through records of the type ‘Problem’, the request will no longer be found.