See Billable Users from All Support Domains

Person financeDirectory administrators will be happy to hear that they are now able to see not just the activity and usage of the people registered in their directory account, but also of the people who are registered in the directory account’s support domain accounts.

The views in the ‘Activity Monitor‘ and ‘Current Usage‘ sections of the Settings console now start with the extra column ‘Account’.  This column shows the name of the account in which each person record is registered.  The default sorting of these views is first by account name and then by person name, both in ascending order.

Current Usage section of 4me Settings console

The ‘Billable Users‘ section of the Settings console has also improved for directory accounts.  The number of user-months displayed in this section now includes the billable users from all of the directory account’s support domains.  The ‘Account’ column has been added to the CSV files that can be downloaded from this section to assist the administrators when they need to determine how much needs to be charged back to the different functions within the enterprise for their 4me usage.

This means that CSV files downloaded from the ‘Billable Users’ console now contain the following columns:

  • Account ID
  • ID (of billable user’s person record)
  • Primary Email
  • Name
  • Organization
  • Business Unit
  • Region
  • Sign Ins
  • Last Visit

Billable users export