Select Locations for People & Configuration Items

SiteThe Location field of person records and configuration item (CI) records has always been a simple text field.  After selecting a facility in the Site field of a person or CI record, the Location field made it possible to be more specific by entering for example a cubicle ID, an office number or a conference room name.

That is still the purpose of the Location field.  Now, though, it is no longer necessary to write the name of the location when this location is already specified in another person or configuration item record for the same site.

Selection options in Location field of CI record

If the location has not been specified before for the site that is selected in the Site field, it is still possible to manually enter the name of this location, just like how this has always been possible.

This usability feature not only makes it easier to fill out the Location field, it also avoids spelling errors.  More importantly, though, the locations can now be used to filter the person and configuration views, as well as the configuration item reports.

Configuration items report filtered by location

Pro Tip

When the Site field of a person or CI record is empty, the options that can be selected in the Location field of this record are all locations of records in which the Site field is empty.

It may also be good to know that a location is no longer offered as an option when there are no more person or CI records that have this value in their Location field.  So to remove a location option, filter the ‘All People’ and ‘All Configuration Items’ view by this location and update the location field in the records that still have this location.