Select Searchable Fields of CI Custom Views


Custom views can be used to let users select a specific option in a custom field when registering an RFC, for example. In the case of configuration items (CIs), a custom view that is linked to a custom-suggest field of a UI extension is by default searchable on several CI fields, such as Label, Name and Location. This means that if the user types in a few characters that match any of the values of any of those CI fields in the custom field, only the relevant options are presented. Two changes have been made to how the custom views for configuration items work.

The first change makes it possible to define which of the CI fields are searchable. When a custom view is created and the Record type field is set to ‘Configuration Items’, the Search fields field appears. In it, the default searchable CI fields are listed. It is possible to define which of the configuration item fields are searched for a search string given by the user, by linking or unlinking columns.

Custom view search fields

The second enhancement makes it possible to also search in custom fields. The Voltage field in the example above is added to the APC SYBT4 Batteries through a UI extension (configured as ‘Searchable’ and ‘Filterable’). In this example, those batteries exist in 24 volt and 36 volt variants. When the user types in ‘24’ in a custom suggest field ‘Battery‘ during request creation, made available via a UI extension on the request template, only the 24 volt batteries are presented.

UI extension search