Select the Account for Your Internal Note

NoteSupport experts who have the Specialist role of multiple 4me accounts may find themselves working on requests that can be seen by other specialists of these accounts.

For example, a request may have been passed from an enterprise organization’s 4me account to the 4me account of an external service provider. The expert who is working on this request may have the Specialist role of both accounts. In such cases, when the expert decides to add an internal note, (s)he can now decide in which account the internal note will be visible.

By default, 4me will still select the most likely account as follows:

  1. the account in which the user is currently working (i.e. the account that the person logged in to, or switched to using the Account Switcher), else
  2. the account of the team to which the request is assigned if the user does not have the Specialists role of the account in which the request is opened (e.g. if the user logged in to the directory account and opened the request in 4me Self Service), else
  3. the first account that has access to the request and for which the user has the Specialist role.

Internal note with account selector

When it is not possible to change the account in which an internal note will become visible, the name of the account of the internal note still gets displayed to ensure that it is clear which specialists will be able to see it once the request has been saved.

Internal note without account selector