Self Service Search Optimization

Search4me continuously learns from the searches that people perform. Search phrases that were previously used by others are suggested only when there is a fuzzy match with what has been entered in the Search box. And by keeping track of how often a phrase has been used to successfully find a service, knowledge article or request template, 4me is able to present the most relevant suggestions on top.

Search suggestions in ITRP Self Service
The search phrase suggestions in 4me Self Service were recently optimized further. Now they also take into account the language preference of the users who successfully used a search phrase in the past. This avoids suggestions in a language that is different from the preferred language of a person who is executing a new search.

And there is one more improvement. When a search is executed, 4me now takes into account the SLAs by which the user is covered. The result is that search phrases are suggested only if they have been used successfully to find records that are relevant to the user because they concern services that this person uses.
Thanks to these enhancements, 4me knows more precisely which suggestions are most likely to be relevant for each user.