Send Email from Problems, Tasks and More


Earlier this year, it has become possible to send an email from a request. That email becomes a note, as well, and replies to it also turn into notes within that request. Not long after that, an enhancement was made that allowed emails to be sent by automation rules, including from problems, releases, workflows, tasks, projects, project tasks and risks. Now it is possible to send emails from all those records using the user interface.

To send an email from a problem record, or any of the other mentioned records, select the ‘Send Email…’ option from the Actions menu. This option is available when the record is in View mode and an email template has been created for this action, in the ‘Email Templates’ section of the Settings console.

Send email from problem

It is only possible to send emails to people who can be mentioned from the selected record. For problem records for example, this means that emails can only be sent to specialists, as only they can be mentioned.