Send Email Without First Creating a Person Record

Email envelope

The functionality that allows for sending emails directly from 4me has received the first usability update in a series of enhancements that will be implemented in the next few weeks.  This enhancement concerns sending external emails.

Organizations that want to share information about a request with people without a 4me account, or with people who cannot be mentioned within the current request, can send an email from that request.  This functionality is also available for problems, tasks, workflows, releases, projects, project tasks, and risks.  Until now, sending such an email to a person who is not yet known within the system would require a service desk analyst, as a person record needed to be created for that recipient.  This is now no longer necessary.

Sending an email from 4me to people who are not known in the account structure has now become easier, and only requires the Specialist role.  If an email template for sending emails from requests exists, the option ‘Send Email…’ is available from the Actions menu of a request in View mode.  Instead of linking people or clicking the New Person button, the specialist can now just start typing in the To and CC fields.

Email from request

If the characters that are entered correspond to a person who can be mentioned within the request, that person is then suggested.  If that is not the case, 4me asks to add the unknown recipient as soon as the format of an email address is recognized.  After sending the email, a person record for the unknown recipient is created with just the email address.  If necessary, this record can be updated at a later time.  Selecting an organization is then mandatory.