Send Emails From Requests


The @Mention functionality in 4me is a powerful mechanism to communicate with people within an organization’s own account(s) and other trusted accounts, right from the related ticket.  In some cases, however, an organization may prefer to send an email to communicate about a request, either with people that are known in 4me or people outside the system.  The problem with this is that all relevant information about the request is then no longer stored in 4me.  A new email functionality enables people to send and receive emails to known and not-yet known users, directly from within the Request form.

(this functionality has since been updated)

To be able to send an email from the Request form, at least one email template must be prepared in one of the request accounts in which the current user is a specialist or administrator.  To create an email template, a person with the Account Designer or Account Administrator role navigates to the ‘Email Templates’ section of the Settings console and presses the Add a new Email Template button on the toolbar.

Email template send email from request

Currently, only one action is available for selection: ‘Send Email from Request’.  After clicking the New… button, the Name, Subject and Body of the template can be filled in.  Note that settings in the ‘Email Designs’ sections of the Settings console can also impact the contents of emails based on these templates.

Example email template send from request

To send an email from a request, press the Actions button in the toolbar and choose the option ‘Send Email…’.