Service Desk Console in Language of Analyst

TranslateAll information in the Service Desk console now gets presented in the preferred language of the service desk analyst whenever possible. The information that can appear in the Service Desk console and which organizations can translate is:

  • Support domain — title and description
  • Service category — name and description
  • Service — name and description
  • Service instance — name and description
  • Request template — subject, registration hints, instructions and note
  • Knowledge article — subject, description, instructions

These field values can be translated into the preferred languages of the service desk analysts in the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console.
Making it possible for the service desk analysts to work within the Service Desk console in their preferred language can be a big plus for multi-lingual help desks, especially in countries where organizations are legally obliged to give their employees software tools that they can use in any of the official languages of that country.