Service Instance Field Improvement

Line and bar graphThe Service instance field of requests has been improved. Service desk analysts and specialists will notice this after they have placed a request in Edit mode. The Service instance field now behaves in a similar way as the Configuration items field below it.

Service instance field with request in Edit mode
There are 2 main advantages to this. First, it is now easier to clear the Service instance field. All it takes to empty the field is a click on the small Remove button in front of the name of the selected service instance.
The second advantage is that, after a service instance has been selected, it is possible to click on the hyperlinked name of the service instance to see any remarks that could be useful for the specialists.
Preview of service instance with request in Edit mode
Tip: When the Service instance field is empty, the link ‘Link Service instance…’ is available. Pressing this link pops up a search box. In this box you can enter not only a part of the name of the service instance, but also part of the name of the service provider, to help you find the service instance you are looking for.
Looking up a service instance in a request