ServiceNow App in 4me App Store


Organizations that use 4me but also have a ServiceNow installation can now create and update incidents in ServiceNow directly from their 4me account.  Such a scenario can occur, for example, when the Service Desk team receives a request that affects a service instance for which the ServiceNow team is still responsible.

ServiceNow app

The ServiceNow app is created by Expertize, one of 4me’s Premium Implementation Partners.  It can be easily installed by an account administrator from the ‘App Store’ section of the Settings console.  Both a freemium and a premium version are available.  The features are:

servicenow app store
  • Creating and updating incidents
  • Formatting and conversion
  • File attachments & inline images
  • Bidirectional integration (Premium)
  • Multi-project capability (Premium)
  • Automatic translation into target language (Premium)

The 4me ServiceNow app is already available on both the QA and the production environment, for all 4me customers.