Session Does Not Expire When Editing


Working in text fields is now considered user activity.  To be clear: when a user has been inactive for a certain time, he or she must log in again.  This time is the ‘Idle session timeout’ and it is configurable in the ‘Security’ section of the Settings console.  This is an important security setting that could, however, sometimes interfere with a user’s work.  Up to now, user activity was defined as saving a form or navigating to a different record.  When someone was working on a single record for a long time (on a complex automation rule or a very large UI extension for example) this work could be lost.  Not anymore.

As long as a user makes at least one change in a text field per configured duration of the idle session timeout, his or her session will not expire.  This way, our users can take their time working on long and complicated tasks that can’t be saved halfway through.