Set Default Picture for Custom Collection

Custom collection

Many organizations are already making good use of the recently introduced custom collections functionality.  This functionality makes it possible to give each custom collection element a unique picture.  Seeing these pictures in the list of suggestions can help users find the correct option when they are selecting a custom collection element.

Selecting a value in a custom suggest field

But there are also some custom collections for which the picture needs to be the same for each element.  To ensure that it is not necessary to upload that same picture for each element, it is now possible to specify a default picture for the custom collection that these elements belong to.

Changing the picture of a custom collection in 4me

If a picture has not been uploaded for any of the individual elements, the users will see this picture of the custom collection that the elements belong to when they are selecting an element of the custom collection.

Custom collection elements with default picture of custom collection

To make it efficient to maintain the pictures of a large number of custom collections and custom collection elements, the ‘Picture URI’ column has been added to their export files.  This extra column can be used by 4me administrators to set a picture for each custom collection or each custom collection element when they perform an import to create or update these records.