Set Region of External Organizations


It is now possible for organizations to define the region of their trusted and external organizations.  This allows MSPs, for example, to group their customers into regions and generate reports not only on individual customers, but also on a regional level.

Customers that have their own 4me account may have already specified a region in their organization records.  Such organization records of customers show up in the 4me account of the provider when they are linked to one of the provider’s SLAs or FLSAs (first line support agreements).  The provider will not see the region that the customers specified in their organization records.  Instead, the provider can link the regions that it has defined in its 4me account to these trusted organization records.  This is how the provider can then filter and group 4me reports by the regions it has defined.

Set organization region

To facilitate the filtering and grouping of reports that are generated using data from requests and affected SLAs, the filters ‘Customer’ and ‘Customer Region’ have become available.  These filters look at the customer organization of the affected SLA records that are linked to requests.

Customer organization filters request