Set Specific Image for Individual Configuration Item

Configuration ItemIn 4me it is possible for account administrators to give each product category a small picture or avatar.  This image then becomes the default picture for all products in which this category is selected.

Set image for product category

But it is also possible to overwrite the image of the product category for a specific product by opening this product in Edit mode and uploading a picture.  The picture of the product then becomes the default image for all configuration items (CIs) that are linked to the product.

Set image for product

What is new is that it is now also possible to overwrite the image of a product by applying a different picture to one of the product’s CIs.

Set image for CI

It is not necessarily a good idea to set a unique picture for each configuration item.  That would take a lot of time to administer.  But there may be some specific cases in every organization where it could be helpful to give a few specific CIs their own small graphic to make them easier to distinguish from other CIs.