Set Up a SCIM Integration in Demo

AppDemo instances can now also be integrated with identity providers like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin or Google Cloud Identity for automated provisioning.

After accessing a 4me demo instance and signing in to an account as its owner, it is possible to open the ‘Apps’ section of the Settings console. There, the ‘SCIM’ app can be expanded to reveal the SCIM bearer token of the account. In demo, this token is now prefixed with the demo instance name, which ensures that the integration can be set up for the correct demo instance.

Apps SCIM bearer token for demo instance

To test the 4me SCIM API in a demo instance, it may be best to use the directory account of the Retter, Inc. organization, which is available at This account is essentially empty, with the exception of an organization record and a person record for the account’s owner ( This makes it a useful account for testing the automated population and maintenance of person records. If this initially turns into a bit of a mess, the demo account can simply be reset in the Settings console by going to the section ‘Instance Reset’.