Share Agile Boards With Customers

Agile Board

Service providers that want to increase transparency towards their customers can now share their agile boards with customer representatives in 4me Self Service. This way, the customer can see that the request is being worked on, in which column it is, and how many other requests there are currently on the board.

A person with the Service Level Manager role (or an account manager) can edit the agile board and link one or multiple service level agreements to it. They can do this even if they are not the manager of the agile board.

Share agile board
Shared agile board

Specialists can see these related SLAs but are not able to update them.

This agile board then becomes visible in 4me Self Service for the users selected as ‘customer representatives’ of those service level agreements.

After clicking the hamburger menu icon, a new menu item ‘Agile Boards’ is now available for them. From there, they can find all enabled agile boards that are shared with them.

The customer representative is not allowed to drag and drop items on the agile board. They will only see records they have access to, based on the SLAs selected by the service level manager. Other tickets just show in gray with a ‘lock’ icon. This way, they do see the relative positions of their visible tickets, without exposing information they should not see.

They can also click on tickets they have access to. This will take them to the ‘edit form’ for the selected request, which was already accessible to them via the ‘All Requests’ section.

Agile board self service