Share Configuration Items With Trusted Account


A new trust option is available for accounts that want to make their configuration items (CIs) visible to specialists, financial managers, and configuration managers of another, trusted account. A very common use case for this is when a data security account, such as Widget Data Protection of the 4me demo data, needs to be able to create a request when a laptop from another account within the directory structure gets stolen.

Trust select CIs

After the trust option with, in this case, Widget Data Center has been enabled, the CIs are visible in the ‘Configuration Items’ view in Widget Data Protection and can be selected in requests, request templates, tasks, task templates, and problems. It is also possible to create a custom view in the account that is allowed to see the CIs, to filter the CIs that may be selected. In the example below, a custom view is created which contains only mobile devices.

Custom view shared CIs

When creating such a filter in a custom view, in this case on the Product Category column, it is immediately clear in which account the configuration items are defined.

Custom view CIs shared

The custom view can then easily be used in a UI extension by means of a custom-suggest field. This UI extension can then be related to a request template, for example.

Share CI UIX