Share Dashboards with Teams and Skill Pools


More sharing options within the account have been created for dashboards.  So far, it had only been possible to keep a dashboard private, or make it visible to anybody of the account who has access to the ‘Dashboards’ section of the Analytics Console.  Now, dashboards can be shared exclusively with people from a certain team or skill pool.

To share a dashboard with a team, the owner of that dashboard selects the correct option in the Visibility field of the edit form of the dashboard.  Then, click the + button or the Link teams.. link and select one or more teams. This works the same for skill pools.

Share dashboard with team

In the ‘Dashboards’ view, the user can now see the visibility of the dashboard as an icon in front of the dashboard name in the list view.  In the dashboard itself, it is specified exactly with which part of the account the dashboard is shared, if shared at all.

Dashboards shared with team