Share Links to the Change Calendar

Short URL

The change calendar offers a visual summary of upcoming implementation tasks set for completion in the near future, along with tasks that have lately been completed. Two enhancements have recently been made around this feature: seeing the change calendar without conflicts and the ability to create personal views of the change calendar. These two changes have made it possible to implement an often requested enhancement: sharing the change calendar with end users.

To share a change calendar, a specialist first needs to create a personal view of the change calendar, including any desired filters, and based on the ‘Change Calendar without Conflicts’. This is to make sure that only relevant tasks are shown to the end user. A short URL can then be generated, either from the ellipsis menu above the change calendar, or from the ‘Short URLs’ section of the Settings console.

Short URL change calendar

Upon clicking the link, 4me Self Service will open either in the organization’s directory account or in the organization’s standard account if no directory account exists. The link also works on end users’ smartphones.