Shareable Dashboard URLs Automatically Expire


The ability to create shareable dashboards URLs has been available for nearly two years already.  Now an extra privacy feature has been added to ensure that a shareable dashboard URL cannot be used indefinitely.

When someone uses a shareable dashboard URL to open a dashboard, the dashboard presents data that the person who created the shareable link has access to.

Dashboard as seen by person who created the shareable URL

To prevent people from using shareable dashboard URLs after the person who created them has left the company, 4me now ensures that these shareable dashboard URLs automatically stop working.

Short URL with disabled creator

Shareable URLs now stop working when their creator’s person record is disabled in 4me, or when this person no longer has the Specialist, Designer or Administrator role.  So, as soon as the creator of a shareable dashboard URL is no longer able to open the dashboard in the 4me Specialist Interface, the shareable URL stops working.  People who attempt to use the shareable URL, will then see a “Page Does Not Exist” message.

Page Does Not Exist