Sharing Internal Notes with Other Domains

Directory AccountBy default, internal notes are visible when requests get passed between different support organizations within the same enterprise. When each of these support organizations has its own 4me support domain account and one support domain (e.g. the local IT department in Ireland) passes a request to another support domain (e.g. the regional data center in Poland), then the internal notes from the IT department in Ireland will be visible to the support specialists in Poland.

A new option has been added that allows support organizations to decide not to share their internal notes when they pass requests to their colleagues who work in another support domain account that belongs to the same directory account.

Internal notes are-visible in other support domains
Account owners of an 4me support domain account can find this option in the ‘Account Settings’ section of the Settings console. It is called ‘Internal notes are visible in other support domains’. Deselecting this option causes the internal notes of the support domain account to be visible only to its specialists.