Show Dashboard Filters

DashboardThe filters that have been applied to a dashboard are visible at the top of the dashboard when it is in Edit mode.  In View mode, however, that is no longer the case.  When a dashboard is opened in View mode, the filters a now hidden.  This minimizes the clutter on dashboards and maximizes the space available for reports.  Users can still access the filters using the new Filters button that is available in the toolbar.

Dashboard filters of dashboard hidden in View mode

After pressing the Filters button, a dialog window pops up to allow the user to modify the dashboard’s filters.

Dashboard filters shown

Because the dashboard is in View mode, the adjustments that the user makes to the filter definitions will be lost the next time the user opens the dashboard.  To save the filter definitions, the dashboard must be placed in Edit mode first.

When a dashboard is opened using a shareable URL, the user is not allowed to adjust the filter definitions.  This security feature protects people who are making shareable URLs available to others.  The Filters button is therefore not available in the toolbar when a dashboard without filters is opened using a shareable URL.  After all, pressing this button would not show any filters and the user would not be allowed to add any.