Show Only Relevant Relations in Calendars

CalendarThe work hours of teams, as well as the service and support hours of service offerings, are maintained in the ‘Calendars’ section of the Settings console by 4me account administrators.  There the administrators can add holidays to calendars to exclude specific periods from these calendars.

All holidays linked to a calendar used to be visible when the calendar was opened in View mode.  Over time the list of holidays became quite long for many calendars.  To ensure that the holidays that are still relevant can be spotted more easily, past holidays are no longer displayed.  These holidays, which have an end date and time in the past, remain hidden even when a calendar is placed in Edit mode.

In addition, disabled teams no longer show up when a calendar is opened in View mode, even though there may be several disabled teams that still have this calendar selected in their Work hours field.

Similarly, the service offerings presented in a calendar now no longer include the ones that have been discontinued, even though some of those may still have the calendar selected in their Service hours field or in one of their Support hours fields.

Calendar with relevant related records only

As a result, calendars provide only the links to the related records that are still relevant.  That makes these links useful, even when a calendar has been in use for many years and is linked to many past holidays, disabled teams and discontinued service offerings.