Show Related Note in Time Entries

NoteWhen someone has entered a value in the Time spent field of a request, problem or task and this person subsequently presses the Save button, then a new time entry gets generated for the amount of effort that was specified.

Apart from specifying a time spent, the person may have also added a note to the request, problem, change task or project task.

Adding a note and time spent to a request

If that is the case, the time entry that is generated will now be linked to this note.  The note is presented in the time entry when it is opened.

Time entry with a related note

When the note is presented in the Notes section of the record to which it was added, the header indicates the time spent of the related time entry.

Note with time spent in header

The ID of the note that is linked to a time entry can also be retrieved using 4me’s Time Entries API.  And when time entries are exported, the export file now contains the additional column ‘Note’.  This column contains the ID of the note that was added to the assignment when the time entry was generated.  This makes it possible for providers to pass the content of the related notes to their financial system for inclusion in the invoices they send out to their customers.

Time entries export file with Note column

For requests, to which both public notes and internal notes can be added, it may be good to point out that it is the public note that gets linked to the time entry when both a public and an internal note were added when the time entry was generated.  If only an internal was added, then it is the internal note that is related to the time entry.