Show Time Spent over Trusted Accounts


Time entries can sometimes be visible between trusted accounts.  For example, when a time entry is registered by a specialist of a service provider for a change or project task that was assigned by a customer organization that has an account trust with that service provider, specialists of the customer organization can view that time entry.  This is important for understanding the time spent on changes and projects.  In some situations, organizations may not want to disclose this information to a trusted account.  For this reason, two options have been added to the Account Trust form:

  • {{TrustedAccountName}} can view our time spent on their change tasks
  • {{TrustedAccountName}} can view our time spent on their project tasks

These options are available when:

  • The trusted account is not in the same directory tree
  • The trusted account is not a directory account
  • Project management is enabled in the trusted account (this concerns only the project tasks option)
Trusted account can see time spent option

Time entries that are not visible in the account of the change or project are not included in the calculation of the actual effort and effort indication of a change, or the calculation of project baselines.  If the time entries of a person that is assigned to a project task are not visible in the account of the project, the remaining effort for a task for that person is also not available.