Sign In Screen Updates


The Sign In screen of the 4me service has undergone several updates.  These updates were made to avoid situations where the 4me Sign In screen is regarded as a phishing site.  When a 4me customer (e.g. a bank) has branded its 4me Sign In screen with the bank’s logo, internet security firms could mistake it for a phishing website that is used to trick people into entering the password they use to access their bank account.

The first adjustment of the Sign In screen can be found in the bottom-right corner of the screen.  There, the ‘Powered by 4me’ statement is visible to ensure that it is clear that the site is not pretending to be provided by another company.

Powered by 4me on Sign In screen

The second improvement is the adjustment of the text that asks for an email address and password to be filled out.  This text now specifically asks for a 4me password so that there should not be any confusion.

Next, the text of the password reset link has been rephrased so that it is clear that it can be used by new users to set a password, or by existing users to give themselves a new password.

Finally, in the 4me quality assurance (QA) environment, the green bar that warns people that they are not in the production environment is now also visible above the Sign In screen.

Sign In screen in 4me QA environment